About AriVibes

Screenshot of AriVibes' main screen

AriVibes is an innovative IOS music app for real-time audio effects and on-board looping. It enables any iPhone, iPod and iPad user to explore any sound fed in from the outside world and augment it to create music.

Now, IOS users have an on-board looper to record and repeat sounds fed in through the devices’ inbuilt microphone or an external microphone. In addition, any noise from the real world can be manipulated to sound more percussive, melodic or clamorous. The app can process, loop and record the sounds and save them to iTunes.

AriVibes is designed to help people explore everyday sounds and turn them into musical instruments, without the need for expensive effects pedals. Just as Hipstamatic has helped non-photographers create beautiful pictures, IOS users no longer need expensive and cumbersome sound equipment to create unique effects and looping to easily build musical phrases and compositions.

AriVibes is (currently) free and…

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